Found this in one of my really old drafts. Thought it might interest some of you guys.


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    check out this little vampire bat i made for our animation short film project! i’ve never modeled any animation characters before so this has been quite a challenge, but still very fun to make. it still needs proper textures and better fur, and also rigging. that part terrifies me the most lmao.

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    Deadpool Test Footage (x)

    In case you haven’t hear yet, this is going to be an actual Deadpool movie.

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    Female BAMFs Throughout History

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    Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster.

    Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.


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    Everything we know about the sequel of Wreck-It Ralph

    In an interview on October 25, 2012, director Rich Moore said that he and Disney have ideas about a sequel that would bring the characters up to date and explore online gaming and console gaming: “We talked about arcade games. Imagine if we went into home systems and other kinds of platforms or online, or mobile games or something like that. We can’t end with just arcade cabinets from the 1980s.”

    Moore stated that many of the crew and voice cast are open to the sequel, believing that they have “barely scratched the surface” of the video game world they envisioned. He also stated that he plans to include Mario and Tron in the sequel.

    In a 2014 interview, the film’s composer Henry Jackman said that a story for the sequel is being written: “I can’t tell you more, not because I’m being coy, but I believe that it is officially on the cards. I don’t know any more other than a story is indeed being written.”.

    (Sources: Wikipedia, Game Informer, IGN, and Collider)


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    Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along

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    This could be us, but you playin’

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